Shirley Temple Black  (April 23, 1928 - February 10, 2014)

We are sorry to mark the passing of Shirley Temple Black.  She started as a child actress at at 3 and in her later life left Hollywood for a life as a diplomat.  She was a representative to the 24th United Nations General Assembly; Ambassador to Ghana under President Ford, the first female Chief of Protocol, and then Ambassador to Czechoslovakia under George H. W. Bush.

Top: Eleanor Roosevelt and Shirley Temple, 07/1938

Bottom left:: Photograph of Shirley Temple Black Shaking Hands with President Gerald Ford in the Cabinet Room after Being Sworn-in as Chief of Protocol, 07/20/1976

Bottom right: Shirley Temple Black, left, the U.S. ambassador to Czechoslovakia; listens to a reporter’s question following an informal ceremony marking the presentation of 130,000 pounds of donated medical supplies to the Czech government. The supplies are flown to Prague from Rhein-Main Air Base, Germany, aboard a U.S. Air Force cargo aircraft, 10/25/1990

(Ed. note: amended list of positions. 2/11/2014)

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